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We'll help you confidently tackle your next fundraiser. With our simple fundraising model, you can raise money quickly so you can get back to spending time with the people you love.

For over 25 years, Country Maid, Inc, headquartered in West Bend, Iowa and makers of the famous Butter Braid® pastry, has been leading the way in the production and distribution of premium bakery items exclusively for fundraising.

In partnership with our network of more than 85 independent fundraising dealerships across the United States, we've helped groups raise more than $245 Million for worthy causes. How can we serve you?

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Butter Braid Pastries

A simple fundraising program that delights supporters and helps you achieve your fundraising goals. Visit butterbraid.com to get started today!



Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls

Just like Grandma used to make, Joyful Traditions cake rolls make a great fundraiser for your group!



My Fundraising Place

Online fundraising software that helps you deliver on your promises. The new standard in customer interaction, inventory management, and online fundraising.